Publication of Novel


Picnic at Mount Disappointment

A Novel by Melissa Bruce

Published by Ginninderra Press 2017         ISBN 978-1-76041-303-3

Cover Photograph by Brooke Shaden

Winner of the Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Fiction 2017        

"A verse novel that charmed in a matter ofstanzas.  Surprising character development, witty and originalobservations, honest r

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6 April 2017   •   Posted by: Melissa Bruce

The Freelance Dance

Need Some Support? Illustration © 2007 Elise Hurst
Illustration © 2007 Elise Hurst

So… yes… if anyone held their breath  since the last Blog, I’m awfully sorry that you ran out of air. I understand you will not be reading this.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how anyone is simultaneously able to stay current with their online Virtual Life AND their Actual Life. ‘Actual’ is tricky enough.

Life… hm... It gets in the way of reporting it.

Doesn’t help when you entrepreneurially manage the freelance-dance of your own multi-faceted business. There’

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6 April 2017   •   Posted by: Melissa Bruce

The Blogasphere

stock-vector-alice-in-wonderland-alice-is-looking-behind-a-curtain-to-reveal-a-hidden-door-alice-s-adventures-72336781 pix140

'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,  Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.' Hamlet, Shakespeare 1.5.167-8

Unaccustomed as I am to blogging... and clearly a late starter, though no less enthusiastic, (time permitting... yes, this may be the first and last), I hesitate to decide on an opening topic. Which tone, what mood and subject matter would suit the blog of a woman who wears

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3 November 2014   •   Posted by: Melissa Bruce